If you’re a U.S. adult who has regularly longed for to write a movie—and that movie you wish to write only happens to take place in Beijing—well, have you got a little sparkling headlines for you: a Beijing International Screenwriting Competition, launched today, might wish your script.

The competition, that aims to await beautiful partnership in between China as well as a U.S., is essentially dual apart contests. The categorical eventuality is seeking proposals for a Beijing-set underline film; 5 winners will get money prizes as well as a outing to Beijing, with a single of those 5 reception a grand esteem of $15,000. (There’s no guarantee that a underline will be done in to an tangible movie, though a New York Times reports that a contest’s organizers will find investors once a winning book is selected.) There’s additionally a reduced movie foe for a Beijing-set book created by a U.S.-based student, of that 10 winners will embrace a week-long outing to China as well as up to 7 of those will have their drive-in theatre produced.

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Who will collect a winners? The foe has declared Mark Jonathan Harris, an Oscar-winning documentarian, as well as Tracey Trench, a college of music exec as well as expert during Oriental Dreamworks, as a “grand judges.” The foe is supervised by a state-owned informative resources bureau of a city as well as sponsored by a Beijing Culture as well as Creative Corporation, that is a state-owned commercial operation founded for a role of general graduation of internal as well as inhabitant Chinese culture.

It’s a initial foe of a kind, though not unequivocally a startling idea, as the Hollywood Reporter points out: China is a outrageous marketplace for Hollywood, so American movie-making hopefuls have been increasingly seeking opposite a Pacific—even when there’s no money esteem enlivening them to do so.

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