2013 Beijing International Screenwriting Competition Announces Winners

Beijing’s State-Owned Cultural Assets Supervision & Administration Office to Host 15 Contestants for an All-Expense-Paid Trips to Beijing in June

One Feature Film Grand Prize Winner to be Announced on September 20 and Seven Short Film Screenplays to be Produced

NEW YORK (May 20, 2013) — On behalf of the Cultural Assets Office of the Beijing Municipal Government, Director Huiguang Zhang announced today the winners for the 2013 Beijing International Screenwriting Competition. Open to US-based contestants of all nationalities, the “Tale of Beijing” themed competition asked writers to submit both short film screenplays and feature film proposals centered on Beijing as a location, conveying the romance, mystery and cultural richness of this great world capital.

In addition to international recognition and cash prizes totaling more than $100,000, five Feature Film winners and ten Short Film winners will receive all-expense-paid trips to Beijing in June to tour the city and attend an award ceremony in their honor on June 9.

In the Feature Film category, five First Prize winners will receive $1,000 each, complimentary Final Draft software, plus a 7-day/6-night all-expense paid trip to Beijing. On September 20, one Grand Prize winner will be chosen from the First Prize winners, and will receive an additional prize of $15,000.
The five Feature Film First Prize winners are:
1.) The Panjiayuan Diary by Tim Plaehn
2.) The Monkey King by Galen Tong
3.) Legend of Gong Shun Hui by Gary Shockley
4.) Million Dollar Wedding Club by Johnny Ma
5.) TUSK by Joshua Banta

In addition, five Second Prize winners will receive complimentary Final Draft software. The five Feature Film Second Prize winners are (subject to confirmation of eligibility):
1.) Pacific Rim by Nihar Patel
2.) Snake Years by Elizabeth Farr
3.) Bell-Bottoms and Mao Jackets by Bernard Nicolas
4.) Sword Point by Brian Trenchard-Smith
5.) Momo and Dodo’s Day Out by Namina Forna

In the Short Film category (open to US-based students only), seven Grand Prize winners will receive $1,000 each, complimentary Final Draft software, plus a 10-day/9-night all-expense paid trip to Beijing films. While they are in Beijing, their short films will be produced with a production budget of $10,000 or more each. The seven Short Film Grand Prize winners, along with their school affiliations, are:
1.) You and Me by J.S. Mayank (Loyola Marymount University)
2.) Morning Song by Pamela K. Johnson (American Film Institute)
3.) 701 by Maya Rudolph (Columbia University)
4.) Plight of the Honey Bee by Anita Gou (New York University/Tisch School of the Arts)
5.) City Music by Cameron White (Princeton University)
6.) Patchwork Dreams by Lee Quarrie (Arizona State University)
7.) You, Me, Beijing? by Crosby Selander (Carnegie Mellon University)

Three First Prize winners will receive $1,000 each, plus a 7-day/6-nights all-expense-paid trip to Beijing. The three Short Film First Prize winners, along with their school affiliations, are:
1.) The Final Test by Ben Li (Harvard University)
2.) Dumplings by Cody Marion (University of Southern California)
3.) Duck and Cover by Michael Thai (University of Southern California)

Ten Second Prize winners will receive complimentary Final Draft software. The ten Short Film Second Prize winners, along with their school affiliations, are (subject to confirmation of eligibility):
1.) Terracotta Army by Peng Wan (Temple University)
2.) Canvas by Rolando Rodriguez (Valencia College)
3.) What are we waiting for? by Peter Corina (Ithaca College Park School of Communications)
4.) The Mountain and I by Neha Hirve (New York University/Tisch School of the Arts)
5.) The Movie Star of their Dreams by Jessica Wu (New York University/Tisch School of the Arts)
6.) Mei’s Bag by Juliana Zapata (Miami Dade College)
7.) The Way Home by Ting Song (New York University/Tisch School of the Arts)
8.) Let the Shadows Follow Me by Cindy Hu (Columbia University)
9.) Mrs. Li’s Day by Xu Zhang (University of Southern California)
10.) Beijing Noon by Eric Bergemann (University of Southern California)

Additionally, 100 Short Film finalists will each receive a $100 gift card from AMC, a sponsor of the Competition, awarded to the best 100 submissions that were received prior to March 29, 2013.

“We are very pleased to announce the exceptional winners and finalists for the inaugural Beijing International Screenwriting Competition,” said Zhang, who serves as President of the Competition. “This is ground-breaking initiative will help foster artistic collaboration and an ongoing creative dialogue between China and the US, and will provide an unprecedented opportunity for aspiring and established US writers to obtain international recognition. The people of Beijing look forward to welcoming these talented writers to China, and celebrating their achievements at the award ceremony on June 9.”

After launching in early March 2013, the Competition received nearly 1,000 submissions including from as many as 127 of the most prestigious schools, colleges and universities throughout the US.
Film producer Kevin Niu serves as Chairman of the Competition, and Honorary Competition Presidents include Vice-Mayor of Beijing Wei Lu and two-time Academy Award-winning director Mark Harris. Harris, Tracey Trench, producer of The Pink Panther and Ever After and consultant for Oriental DreamWorks, and Chinese screenwriter Heping Zhang serve as the Competition’s Grand Judges.

The 2013 Beijing International Screenwriting Competition is sponsored by the Beijing International Creative Industry Corporation. Other partners include LeTV and Harvardwood. For more information about the 2013 Beijing International Screenwriting Competition, please visit http://writebeijing.org/.

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