New FREE Screenwriting Contest for U.S. Writers… In China

We first read about this in The Hollywood Reporter and later in The Los Angeles Times. It sounded exciting to hear that the financial powerhouse behind films such as Iron Man 3 is offering American writers a free opportunity to have their work made into a feature film.
China has a thriving film industry and has a home made feature film that was a hit in Asia. Unfortunately, it flopped in the USA (where it ran in AMC theaters — a chain owned by China, incidentally). Thus, the interest in American writers.

This should be good news for writers who find the industry in the USA reluctant to read the work of unrepresented, un-produced writers. The question is… will this be a gold rush?

Some of the comments on the article at’s blog suggest a suspicion of an international screenwriting competition that only targets American writers.

Having had an expatriate experience in Asia myself, I don’t find that proposition troubling at all. One thing we Yanks have is an innovative spirit and an indifference to failure (we don’t comprehend the concept of losing face in the West).

The deadline is April 7th for feature films and March 29th for shorts.

For more information, and to make a submission, visit The 2013 Beijing International Screenwriting Competition.