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State Owned Culture Assets and Supervision & Administration Office of the People’s Government of Beijing

Beijing Municipality has innovated the cultural management system and set up the State-owned Cultural Assets Supervision and Administration Office of Beijing Municipality in June 2012, in charge of overall plan and implementation of the work related to cultural reform development of the capital, and the cultural investment, capital operation and the assets management for state-owned cultural enterprises and public institutions as well as the planned projects approval and organization & implementation for cultural and creative industries park, the key cultural program, the key cultural projects.

After establishment, authorized by the Beijing Municipality Government, the State-owned Cultural Assets Supervision and Administration Office of Beijing Municipality has positively fulfilled the responsibility of state-owned cultural asset investors to ensure the preservation and appreciation of values; guided and pushed ahead with the reform restructuring of the cultural enterprises and public institutions under its supervision, established modern enterprise system, and pushed forward the strategic adjustment of state-owned cultural assets layout and structure; guided the creative production organized by the cultural enterprises and public institutions under its supervision, and created the “cultural carrier”; promoted the development of cultural industry, carried through the cultural innovation, guided the integrated development of relevant industries of culture, science, technology, education, sports, and tourism, and implemented the “two-impetus” strategy of cultural innovation and technological innovation of Beijing Municipality and make the cultural industry bigger and stronger.


Beijing International Creative Industry Corporation

Beijing International Creative Industry Corporation (hereafter referred to as BCC) is a large scale first-tier state-owned cultural industry corporation under the guidance of Beijing Municipal Government. It is the executive institution of “Going Abroad, Inviting In” strategy implemented by Beijing Municipal Government, as well as the first international high-end platform integrating all cultural resources. It undertakes the important mission of expanding Beijing’s soft power and enhancing China’s cultural influence.

By integrating both domestic and foreign cultural resources, BCC expands its businesses into almost every area of creative industry including film, TV series, performance and conference, artistic commerce, creative design, international financing and investment, media and PR, international promotion as well as cultural real estate, etc. There are three head companies under BCC, touching on international marketing, content production, and international financing and investment respectively. As the first state-owned transnational cultural corporation, BCC is committed to establishing a Beijing-centered worldwide network for cultural promotion and marketing. It will set up six overseas head companies in the US, Europe, HK, Latin America, ASEAN, and Africa and three agencies in Hollywood, Broadway and Bollywood.

As an international high-end platform coordinating the cultural resources of Beijing and all over China, BCC mainly has three functions: first, international marketing. It will vigorously expand international market, bringing out excellent domestic cultural products and brands to the world and bringing in the latest achievements of international creative industry. Second, content production. BCC integrates and produces exquisite cultural products for domestic and international markets, with its focus on distributing and exporting Chinese quality goods of film, TV series, performance and arts. Third, international investment and financing. It will build up an international high-end financing platform to integrate capital, resource, talent and creative ideas through transnational cooperation. BCC will expand capital Beijing’s soft power as well as enhance China’s cultural influence with creative and fruitful achievements.