Interested In Producing Your Script? Just Make Sure It Takes Place In Beijing!

Are you a U.S. citizen who has dreams of writing movies – and those movies happen to place in Beijing? Well it’s your lucky day! Beijing International Screenwriting Competition may want you! The competition was launched yesterday so hurry and enter before the time is up!

The competition looks to support collaboration between China and the U.S. and contains two separate contests. The first contest will contain five winners who will receive a cash prize as well as a trip to Beijing. One of those winners will receive a grand prize of $15,000. After the contest, organizers will seek investors to help make the winning script into an actual move. However, there are no promises.

The second competition is a short film contest for a Beijing-set script written by a U.S. student. Ten winners will be selected to receive a week long vacation to China. Out of those ten winners, seven of them will have the opportunity to have their scripts produced into films.

Mark Jonathan Harris, and Oscar-winning documentarian, and Tracy Trench, a studio exec and consultant at Oriental Deamworks, will be the judges to pick the winners for the competitions. This is the first contest of its kind which hopes to find dedicated screenwriters across the Pacific. If you are interested in competing in the 2013 Beijing International Screenwriting Competition visit for more information.

Olga Astreika
Insight Mag Correspondent